Living in England travelling in UK


Travelling in England is great as long as you learn how to go with the flow with the British weather. I don’t so I need to take loads of clothes and shoes and handbags and …. and so much that I can’t barely fit in our little cute Smart car.

I just love travelling through the back roads of the motorways and Mr. Gooda has been kind to me as he is know as fast and furious. He finally realised that it is a good way to keep me awake interested and happy or nearly happy.

I just love the British country side and the different tones of green. I meet and wave to so many people that makes me feel like the queen of Coconuts ….oh well, we only live one live so we can be whatever we want right?




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2 Responses to Living in England travelling in UK

  1. Esther Corpancho de Honores says:

    Thats the way!! Good and safe trip!

  2. Lukie Gooda says:

    Thanks for following us Esther! besitos

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