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The Brazilian Family survives divorce & challenges of this crazy world

Today many Brazilian households have two working spouses, and the number of single-parent households has increased. Family is still valued highly, but divorce and marital separation are much more common. Many women are now the head of their household and … Continue reading

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Siracusa, The Ancient Greek jewel in Sicily’s Crown

Originally posted on The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife:
We had a holiday in Siracusa this summer, over on the south eastern corner of the island. That side of Sicily has a lot of Baroque architecture. Sicilian baroque…

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Rio de Janeiro … People you meet & will never forget

Rio de Janeiro is a unique and wonderful city that has captivated all who have visited and is in the sights of all the people who have not. There are many things to do in Rio which includes seeing the … Continue reading

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