Rio de Janeiro … People you meet & will never forget

Rio de Janeiro is a unique and wonderful city that has captivated all who have visited and is in the sights of all the people who have not. There are many things to do in Rio which includes seeing the beautiful beaches such as Copacabana Beach and Ipanema, but my favourite is …the smallest one, Praia Vermelha in Urca next to the gorgeous views of Sugar Loaf Mount.
My love story with Rio started when I was a child dreaming of visiting The Corcovado.

Rio its restaurants and bars listening to the sounds of soulful samba & bossanova?
Its a dream of many many people around the world.
But for me what really excite and entice my world here in Rio?
Go out and about with my BB José Augusto. Everyone should have a Brother like mine. He is life itself.
Today we went out for lunch and at our arrival he already had all the tables around him hooked with his charm & simpathy before my sister, my niece Manoela & I arrived at the Restaurant at Fashion Mall, Sao Conrado (one of his favourite places to eat).
In no time we were engaged in a informal chat with the family next to our table. Anyone would think we were old friends…
These is not uncommon in Rio … You just Bound to Make new friends!
Today we met our match the Dantas met the Marques:
Ricardo, Jacqueline e Lucas…
we clicked with them straight way… Chatting about Just everything and anything over three course lunch, wine, guaraná & treats. I could write pages about our chats but I resume to that: we covered everything from our families to our travels, our lives laughing our heads off in a cross conversation about life and I will tell this…
Ricardo said” when you manage to cross The túnel from North Zone ( The working class area) to South Zone ( The posh Rio) is when you know you can make it anywhere In the world”
For those that knows Rio well know that this is Just so true!
For those that don’t come to Rio and you will find out …






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  1. armida says:

    It’s really nice post. With the Copacabana Beach and Ipanema I would suggest some other things to do in Rio like visit Jardim Botanico, National Historical Museum, Avenida Atlantica, Christ the redeemer etc

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