Siracusa, The Ancient Greek jewel in Sicily’s Crown

Siracusa is really a Must to visit while in Sicily
I reblogged this article to share with you guys while I am enjoying Rio de Janeiro!

The Dangerously Truthful Diary of a Sicilian Housewife

We had a holiday in Siracusa this summer, over on the south eastern corner of the island.

That side of Sicily has a lot of Baroque architecture. Sicilian baroque is a distinctive style developed under Spanish and Bourbon rule (17th century).

Here’s Siracusa cathedral:


The Museum of Archaeology in Siracusa is wonderful. Since my degree is in Classical Antiquities, I have made it my business to visit a great many such museums: the collection of Greek vases and architectural sculpture surprised me with its outstandingly high quality and interest. Its quality makes it one of the most important museums of antiquity in the Mediterranean region.

The numismatics section down in the basement is, to my knowledge, unique in scope and size. The absolutely charming curator of that part of the museum gives her visitors a guided tour, which was so fascinating and entertaining that it was the highlight of my…

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  1. poetjude says:

    Thanks Lukie, I loved going though Sicily with you, and hope to do it someday in real life. Love having you in Rio too. How are things? Saudades. Bjs.

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