We are Martin and Lukie Gooda.

Travel has been our lives.  We have travelled the world in the last 32 years, following my husband’s career.  Now we decided to travel Europe over the next few years in our motorhome.  Although we have travelled the world we haven’t seen much of Europe.  We are now on the road, in our TREK travelling the back roads of France and Italy and having the most amazing adventure…


As we gain knowledge and experience from our travels we would love to hear from others and would be please to answer questions (if we can) to help others enjoy this wonderful lifestyle.


1 Response to About

  1. Rita says:

    Nossa Lukie que demais, do jeito que o Paulo adora aventuras, se vocês virem uma Harley seguindo seu Motor Home não tenha duvidas que seremos nós…….hahhaha.
    Desejamos uma ótima viagem e estaremos acompanhando vocês por aqui. Beijos dos amigos. Paulo e Rita.

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