C’est Mystique c’est La Ville the Rose

Here in Mystique Le Ville Rose Toulouse…DSC00032the most amazing coincidences happens with me while walking in Toulouse streets …. Familiar faces that I never met…situations I have never dreamed of

and here we are…We keep walking on the beautiful medieval churches some hiding treasures hidden behind the main streets of Toulouse. I keep seen faces I recognise but I don’t really know…

IMG_0164 yet they smile and come to talk to me in french like they know me…

skitch_iphoto.export.skitchsome of them follow me around and I feel we must be old friends from another life maybe? I can’t remember from this life…


I don’t know but they keep coming. One lady put her arms around mine and took me to another church

DSC01379and told me all about how special that church was for her. Its grand pillars and forms reminds of a time of Almighty Power and the Cathars come to my mind.

We enjoyed the Jardins de Toulouse. Lots of people

DSC01456Thomas and I met some people while visiting the Church Daubade. They were happy as they seem to likes tourist. Religious Tourism is quite popular here.

DSC01375I told her I had this traditional from my grandmother Cezarina that I had to light a candle and pray to give thanks to God in all churches.

DSC01482 She kept quite and waited me to light my candle and do my prayers. Yet, she kept following me around very quite..a bit spooky but I like spooky!


And from one place to another the mystery continued and I felt good!




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