I grew up being a Catholic. Since a young girl, as far I can remember in the little pretty village of Florania ( means Flowers blooming ) we had priests that had mistresses and the whole village used to put a blind eye. As many people said, priests are just men and have sins like we all do. The difference is that they have a job with an absent BOSS, GOD so they think they can get away with that.

I hope The Pope should honour that above all, his job is to be a servant of God and his people.

Problem is, we have to bear in mind he also commit SIN, not just priests, ministers, pastors you name it. He is not God.

We all know that. I have good memories of all the priests from all the countries I lived, but my favourite was Father Philip from St George Church in Norwich.

Father Philip is in touch with reality and accepted that I could no longer carry on having children ( we had four already) more then the 2.5 the government stats says. He understood that catholicism for me was a way of life not just a religion, but sometimes I had to be a part time catholic as other things in my life had to be put first.

I visited many other churches and religions. I liked them all but until this day, even agreeing that what some priests did was EVIL in the highest degree possible, they did ruined so many lives I am so sorry to hear….I am still catholic. For me is not about the priests is about FAITH IN GOD and in humanity.

Maybe I am naive, but hold on to the believe in carry on having hope for a better world.

I believe in angels, I believe in MIRACLES. I have experienced too many to ignore it.

My hope is that Francisco can help the Argentinians to become less arrogant and be proud of being South Americans like the rest of South America is. If he could only do that, it would be a good thing already.

This poster is from the Quuen of your own


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