SUN SHINE IN BYRON BAY…bring the young from UK

SUN SHINE IN BYRON BAY...bring the young from UK

Our young son Thomas has changed his home city Norwich for a new life in Byron Bay, Australia. He did plan this trip for a while, as he was planning to move to Brazil but it worked out he would be better off going to Australia. In one month that he was there Thomas said he got a good job as a car mechanic, his profession, bought a car and moved to his own place. He said he just love the outdoor life ( here he is visiting the Crystal Gardens with giant crystals). The umbrella is to protect from the raindrops.


His friends Yiana and JP moved to Byron Bay few years ago and although they feel homesick ( too far from home) like many young people they like the sunshine and outdoor life. Lots of BBQ’s and swimming they say. We miss them a lot but watch this space, they are making the best of their lives and it only gets better.


Thomas has an amazing British sense of humour with his Brazilian natured energy and zest for life which is his mark and God we miss him, but YES we are happy for him to cross the other side of the world. That was his granddad’s Philip John since aftre the world War II. He must be smiling now that his grandson got his foot on the Aussi’s door.

Thomas and mum So, what is it in Australia that attract so many people from all over the world?

I asked Thomas and Yiana. They had some different answers as we can expect as they moved there for different reasons but all in all, outdoor life and much more opportunities than in  Europe and Uk at the current times is one of them. Beer is cheaper! You can swim and dive all the time in nice weather. But you need your British mates to share the sense of humour, says Thomas. Here they still to learn to laugh of themselves but the girls are gorgeous!

Yiana just started a new online business Bringing you handmade Chilean clothing.

Ondama is inspired by Mapuche culture and it’s beauty! The native Mapuche of Chile have for centuries used their hands to weave wool and make delicate clothing and accessories. You can join Ondama at Facebook.



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