Bon jour …WE ARRIVED IN PAU, France


Alphonse de Lamartine said: “Pau has the world’s most beautiful view of the earth just as Naples has the most beautiful view of the sea.”


We are fascinated by the views to the Pirinees Mountains with its Peaks covered of snow …C’EST MAGNIFIQUE!


PAU is in the perfect location! 50 kms from Spain, 30kms from Lourdes and one stone throw from Pays de BASQUE …plus MORE. Read below (having problems with sizes of pics)


The Boulevard des Pyrénées is 1.8 km from the Château de Pau to the Parc Beaumont, with views of the mountains. Martin and I arrived in style by motorbike


to have the freedom to appreciate this stunning views and as always he found the best spot.

Boulevard des Pyrénées is where the whole world come to be AMUSED by NATURE at its BEST BEAUTY.


ImageThe city stands on a 200m elevation overlooking the valley of a mountain river called the Gave de Pau, where a ford gave passage to the Pyrenees. The Gave, which becomes a torrent when mountain snow melts.


Tea Time …I am travelling with an English Man. We will have the Vin Rouge afterwards.

There is more to come…we just arrived x


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12 Responses to Bon jour …WE ARRIVED IN PAU, France

  1. Amy says:

    The places you have shown us are utterly beautiful. Love the way you described the locations. You and Martin are having an amazing time experiencing wonderful things and moments. The planning of these trip is strategically fantastic !

    • Gooda-TREK says:

      You would love this place! I am having trouble downloading pictures so watch for more I know you are travelling with us in spirit !

  2. Adla Leal says:

    maravilhosa viagem…tudo de bom meus amigos

  3. Maëlle says:

    I really appreciated the hour past in your company and thank you again for the coffee.
    Kiss Maëlle
    ps: to discover a little more Pau –

  4. Maëlle says:

    I appreciated a lot the hour spent in your company and thank you again as the coffee.
    Kiss Maëlle
    to discover a little more Pau –

    • Gooda-TREK says:

      It was fun meeting you and really enjoyed your company! You are such an amazing young woman and I am can’t wait to read your book when you finish!

  5. poetjude says:

    Ah, Lukie and Martin. You two are so cute and wonderful, such amazing travelers. Wish we were meeting up soon. It will happen, but I miss you so much now that I can see you traveling and writing in such gorgeous place. Love and gratitude for your pictures and posts. Jude

  6. Mari Parker says:

    Me gauarda que to me organisando para conhecer Pau!!!
    It looks really wonderful!!

  7. Phillipp says:

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