The French Hospitality


Children, parents and grandparents are together all times here in France

People say we are lucky, all we can say is we loved the hospitality we received here in France, from when we arrived in Paris, our cousin Monalisa’s flat with champagne and hugs and kisses than meeting her Parisien friend Brigitte in her flat, meeting our english friend William and his freind Scott in St Germain to my new french friend Aline that took me to meet her family in Paris. I may be missing more people and the group of 48 brazilians that were visiting Paris too. Toulouse we met the best of France and Portugal…we miss Toulouse and our friends! 20130502-002208.jpg

Madame Hayet a brazilian lady, Michael and their daughters spoke portuguese
was like being home as Martin also speaks portuguese fluently!

Well, in Pau we made a new group of friends from Maelle, the writer to Claudine and Salma who were absolutely the hostesses with the mostess until we met the Hayet family:

Image 1Michael, Vanderlani and their belle filles! The Hayets hospitality goes beyond description. The long wooden table all decorated by the girls of the house had all the greatest food!


The highlight was the Home made Fois Gras! For those that don’t know the best Fois Gras is the organic ones made in local farms in that region of Southern France. We learned that Fois Gras in Paris you will probably eating from the can unless you are in one of those very special Michelin Restaurant which cost a fortune!20130514-092349.jpg
We felt the priviliedge and apreciate all that gourmet dinner and the wonderful company of our friends.

To close these 8 months in France, while we went to Bordeaux we stooped in Bassin de Arcachon where The Many Famille lives ( Valerie’s parents).

20130514-101018.jpgIt was an amazing surprise that Valerie came all the way from Toulouse to meet us!


In Bassin de Arcachon there was an Classic Vintage Car Fete and plenty sunshine

20130514-100922.jpgIn Bassin de Arcachon we met Olivier and he invited us for dinner…oh lala!That was lush as Thomas says.

20130427-222220.jpg Again, a huge solid wood table set up and decorated for the degustation of his homemade feast: faisson pate, wild boar pate, Tomate and legume bouillon, champignon cepe omelette avec Oussi Fromage and Pays Basque delicatessen for desert with a Assiette de Fromage.

20130514-093232.jpgValerie took us to visit the Oyster Farms and to eat fresh fruit de Mer. She showed us the region and there is nothing better then visit with the local residents … They know all the best places to go which turists don’t get to visit!


Well this trip has been amazing as we were guided by French friends and had their company all the way? Priceless…20130514-100030.jpg


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5 Responses to The French Hospitality

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  2. Mari Parker says:

    I want this car G’zinhooooooooooooooooooooooo bjs

  3. Lukie says:

    Did you mean a test drive? They are FAST and FURIOUS!

  4. Neide Dutra - Ponte Aerea Turismo says:

    voce ta muito chiqueeeee!
    beijos lindona

  5. Rita says:

    Querida que saudades! foi pouco o tempo que passamos, mas maravilhoso! Espero que tudo esteja bem com você e sua família, espero voltar a encontrar-me consigo ainda este ano quando for visitar Inglaterra! Um grande beijinho de Rita!

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