This time of the year there is no better place to be …then old, traditional and glamourous ENGLAND!19366_1332395320667_8015012_n

I love this country for all the effort and they do know how to put a event

royal-ascot-fashion-aishwarya-rai… what other country in the world has 4 seasons in a day?

19366_1332394760653_5512740_nThe British don’t miss any opportunity because of the weather and that right there makes proud of ENGLAND and the UNITED KINGDOM for their constant discreet and silent PASSION for all things British…why not?155873_1332394480646_1509254_n
I personally believe they are a nation of wonderful people struggling to keep their culture and their traditions which made them until recent the most powerful nation in the world.


Royal Ascot Race brings people from all over the world19366_1332395080661_1310398_n

that wants to share a bit of what the British has …

royal-ascot-helen-taylorI have been there and just can’t tell what a great formidable and fun experience that is.

royal-ascot-fashion-katherine-jenkinsYou need to get your friends and go next year….



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