Meet our daughter Nina Gabriella. Since she was born she knew what she wanted and how to get it! That’s the proof right here …getting kisses and all the love!
She was born with a mind of her own
260381_2055321353366_529938_nAnd that as time passed by she developed and …oh well,
she is made of the British & Brazilian blood of women of substance and she is determined to keep it going.
At her early life she has already done so much & accomplished a lot but BE AWARE OF HER EARLY IN THE MORNING!


Those are her values

Edward knows better then me…she needs a cup of coffee before even she open her eyes!
However once her eyes are open…she needs another cup of coffee! Not joking!!!
Now her and Edward have worked really hard. They have bought and renovated their first house together in Norwich. We are so proud!

And they invited everyone  to over for a BARBIE(BBQ)
We had so much fun!  THANK YOU NINA & ED…can’t wait for the next time xx






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