WROXHAM,NORFOLK, UK where time stay still

WHEN you arrive in Norfolk Broadland in East Anglia , England you will know you are in a very special place.
For those of you in the world the closest famous neighbour is Cambridge but Norfolk is … The pictures and posters will give you an idea

The Norfolk Broads! Wroxham is the place perfect to hire a boat to explore this experience that you will never forget


Then when you nearly at the village of Horning you see the Mississipi Boat full of tourists usually with a Jazz Band …. Wow you feel like dancing and some do…

Friends and family love this boat cruise and a stop in he pubs
292071_2260474402064_349519_n everywhere there is so much to see and so much to appreciate this unique landscapeImage 2
Windmills and beautiful Norfolk Cottages everywhere but you can only see by the river waterways
Image 5
Image wroxham20130717-132750.jpg and you can end up in the sea… or stopping for a break until you want to see more
Image but you always go back for more over and over …The Norfolk Broads will keep you busy!Image 4


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