Hoje acordei com saudades de voce…


Your are one of a kind our youngest from four amazing children we are blessed with and thankful for… yesterday on your dad’s Birthday he had three of his children with him but you were not there . . . it was not quite the same!

We all had a good time together but missed you and your beautiful smile ….
everything you are and mean to us, your family!


Today we woke up in this beautiful city of Norwich in a summer day but all I could think of … YOU Thomas.


We admire and are very proud of you to find your own way in the big world out there following the footstep of your father who left Norfolk at the age of 23 to start a career in the world of Oil and like you had to leave his family and friends behind.

You are following a tradition of the Gooda family as your grandfather and great grandfather also left at some point in their life to travel the big wide world and they did come back to England …much better men.

We know what you are made off YOU have what it takes to succeed in whatever your destiny will take you. Your English and Brazilian blood is strong in both sides of the family across the world you have ancestors man and women of substance that left their mark in their world and the people that lived and loved them.


You already making lots of new friends and making a difference in the people you meet there in Australia we heard. We hope you remember when times are less cheerful not to give up or never to give in and rest assure that YOU SHINE WHEN YOU SMILE & THE WORLD IS A BETTER PLACE BECAUSE OF YOU!

Dad, Daniel, Andrew, Nina and mum x


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  1. Maria Esther Honores says:

    Que maravilhosa palabras pra seu filho Lucky. adorei! Voces son uma familia muito linda! y ten que se sentir muito orgulhosa de seus filhos. Parabens a voce y Martin por la familia que voces lograron.
    Muitos beijos y nosso carinho muito grande pra voces.
    Wilfredo & Esther

  2. Luziawriter says:

    Esther and Wilfredo are also a very close and united family that had to travel and live distant from the rest of the family so you understand how hard it regardless and your family like ours is our world! What is life without those we love and cherish? I can’t wait to have grandchildren like you! Lots of love from us all bjo xx

  3. poetjude says:

    You made me cry with this one, Lukie. I love you & your beautiful family. Thomas reminds me of Scott when he left home at 18 to hitch hike around Central America where many countries were at war. It changed his life and made him a deeper even more compassionate man. Thomas has a great lineage for his journey in life, and you said it so well!

    • Gooda-TREK says:

      Minha amiga voce tem a sensibilidade de sentir como mae e todas as lembrancas de Scot voltaram dentro do seu coracao de mae. Eu conheci Scot em Buena Vista ele realmente e um grande homem e agora que voce compartilhou isto comigo tomara que o mesmo aconteca com meu Thomas, obrigada por estar sempre presente quando preciso so amigas de alma entendem estas coisas bjos!

  4. Cinara says:

    Lindo demais! a mae tambem queria romper barreiras. Nada como aprender viajando e vivenciando tudo. E a maior universidade que existe. Parabens para Martin. Beijos e continue escrevendo.

    • Luziawriter says:

      True ! I always wanted to go far and afield as you mention well vencer barreiras so I guess Is a mark od our family in this wide world! Anglo-Brazilian-Gooda-World-Adventurers xx

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