This is Norwich, M & M ( Marvelous & Medieval) Today

Guildhall in City Center close to the Market

Guildhall in City Center close to the Market

20130817-214934.jpgimage20130818-231122.jpg20130824-155754.jpg20130603-164519.jpgimage width=”640″ height=”853″ class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-3014″ />href=””>20130823-121820.jpgNorwich is where my family, friends and heart is! So much beauty full of nice people great History and Architecture,Universities, Hospitals and much more!
Cow Tower
More and more in love with Norwich its architecture and everything else with its relaxing and good humoured people. Below Bus drivers relaxing enjoying the beautiful Castle Meadows views while waiting to start their driving schedule. This is Norwich!


<a 20130828-130426.jpg
IMG_1644 The white bridges modern and bright are in harmony with the old ones magical and eternal like Fye Bridge most famous in the Ghost Walk Lovers as the Witch Bridge.
20130523-143935.jpg I will tell more when I write about the Ghosts of Norwich.
Norwich has been in famous movies like Stardust with Michele Pfifer and many others. This city has seen so much change beyond my dreams
and it always seem to cope well and become better and better!
Soon we are back on the road in our motorhome but part of my heart stays here…this place that I CALL HOME!

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