Capellina di Chianti … for the Chianti lovers!



Yes, this beautiful town is in the Chianti Wine tour! we found by chance looking for a petrol station. In the petrol station we met a nice Italian local man that gave us the map of the whole Chianti Region. 20131129-211521.jpg
Evidence of the town’s importance during this period is its imposing fortress, built in severe style. The entire town was surrounded by massive walls and towers, with only two gates providing access, one towards Sienna, the other Florence. Unfortunately both gates were completely destroyed, the Florence gate during the Second World War.
20131129-211544.jpg20131129-211459.jpg Most of the walls still stand today, although houses have been built right up against them in numerous places. These defences witnessed centuries of battles, sieges and clashes. The battles had alternating outcomes. Alberico da Barbiano, in the service of the Duke of Milan, took Castellina by storm in 1397. The troops of Ferdinando d’Aragon failed in their attempt to do the same in 1452 and withdrew after a 44-day siege. The town was stormed in 1478 after a lengthy siege by the Duke of Calabria, despite Lorenzo the Magnificent, who then ruled Florence, having despatched the famous architect Giuliano da Sangallo to Castellina to strengthen the town’s defences.

We were very hungry and found a cantina that the despite the kitchen was closed they were quick to offer Pasta a Ragu with Wild Board Meat and Galo Nero wine with some lovely bread. That went really well as we also met some other tourists that were loving the town and its people, never mind the Chianti Wine so famous far and afield
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After the Pasta we went to walk in the Medieval Streets and met a old couple in the middle of the medieval village engaging in a very happy chat that made we wonder what wine they drunk as the old lady said ” Ciao Bambino” ( Bye Boy) and they had a good laugh …we did too! Oh well, this is exactly what I imagine here in the Hills of Tuscany the heart of the Chianti Wine! For this old lady he is a little boy deep down! Italians have this way of unleashing the inner child inside them and the wine sometimes BASTA! che gente Brava! Arriverdeci andiamo & atraversiamo!





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