Montalbano Uni di Borghi Piu Belli d’Italia.

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Montalbano is considered One of the most beautiful places in Italy!
I arrived there when the Town was resting but as soon I arrived an Italian man noticed I Was a tourist and came to say hello introduced himself and offered to show me the "Storic Centre". He also invited me for coffee. I am used to it by now and gently said thank you and explained I liked to explore no my own to take as much time as I needed. He then invited me for coffee… No wonder why Italians are só famous! They don't take NO for answer but I am expert in dealing with them by now … Lots of practice but I must say… Its part of their culture they say what they want when they want it… Why not?
It Made me reflect on this text below I Read by Lee Marshall.

"Reflecting on his native Sicily in a 2001 interview, late-starter novelist Andrea Camilleri, who was 69 when he began writing his bestselling Inspector Montalbano novels and short stories in 1994, talked of the fascinating diversity of an island race that other Italians too often dismiss, he says, as “anti-social bumpkins”.
Sicilians, he pointed out, “carry the blood of 13 different occupying powers. The result is that we have the intelligence of true bastards, their vivacity, richness and cunning”.
This richness informs every page of Camilleri’s books: it’s there not only in the restless, smart, inconstant, gourmandising character of his main character – a cultured cop whose ingrained scepticism proves invaluable in his line of work – but is refracted and reflected in the gallery of friends, family members, work associates, mafiosi, witnesses and victims that he encounters along the way."By Lee Marshall10:42AM BST 06 Sep 2013
How about that? Well, the Montalbano I visited today it was a Medieval Hill Town with its uniqueness and special charm….
Just 30 mins away from Falcone Seaside Town.

That impressive view draws you into its Historic Centre and as soon I managed my way up the Piccoli Vicolos I met Mima ( Domenica) while she Was sitiante in her terrazze combina her dark Black hair and smiles to me. We clicked and became friends trying to have a conversation , just about when she introduced me to Elvira … And that Was how we got this picture of us…

Than Mima showed me around her house and along the way we found the Iglesia


NEXT Door to Mima lives Elvira. She has a house to sell and asked me to post her Contact if anyone in the world wants to buy a Stone House to refurbish. She said they just changed the Roof and insulated the property. It has Planning permission for a two bedroom house I think. We had all the conversations in Italian so don’t Quote me on that but here is her Contact as I promisse her.

Mima made me promiss I will be back to have coffee with her before I went to the Uffizio de Turismo to meet Angela.

Angela was lovely and gave me só much information. She told me to hang around if I wanted to see the Medieval Castle inside, she had a Group previously booked for 5:30 Pm. Today is saturday and I could wait why Miss this great opportunity?
Angela made a telefone call and soon Enzo Ruggero arrived. It turned out he was all dressed up in a Police Municipal uniform. He Was the guy to meet.
Angela organized the meeting and Enzo kept me company while the Group of tourists arrived. Enzo (as most Sicilians) was so hospitable, invited me to the only coffee shop opened to meet Verônica. I had a capuchino and Dolce di Montalbano ( they are not very good in accepting no) I had no say in that… Oh well, delicious the Dolce was. Verônica was very keen in helping me to Practice Italian teaching me new words. I am so sorry I forgot to take pictures of Angela, Enzo and Verônica but I have to go back I promissed Mima I would go back to visit her and here this is a serious matter.
Time to visit the Castle inside but it turned a bit foggy. Here are some of the fotos I managed to take. What can I say? Had a lovely time with lovely people. Arrived there alone and made new friends. Than as I usually do got inside the Piazza’s Iglesia to pray and thank God for another lovely day! Cant wait to come back to Montalbano with Mr. Gooda.






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  1. Henry says:

    Good article. I’m facing a few of these issues as well..

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