Flavours of Sicily…


Original pré-helênica society, the Sicilians have inherited the taste for vegetables, fruits, fish and seafood; the Greeks, wine; of the Romans, exotic recipes (including goose); of the Byzantines, the preference for sweet & sour dishes; of the Normans, the introduction of meat; the Spanish, who brought the new world ingredients-cocoa, maize, Turkey and tomatoes. The Arabs, who occupied this island of 827 to 965, left widely differing foods: saffron, sugar, rice, cinnamon, clove, apricot, Orange, lemon, watermelon, nutmeg, raisins, pepper, pistachio, Tangerine. Without forgetting the “ytriyah” (or “litria”) – species of very thin noodles, very popular in candy recipes or brine, where probably originated the modern Italian folder. It was in this region where first grew wheat, and made the flour that is now used in all the masses. From the Arabs inherited also the “sarbat”-an ice cream soon became with a fruit syrup, honey and ice of Mount Etna.
Before Italy became (in the seventies of the 19th century) a unified State, the cuisine of Sicily could be divided into “dinners for rich and poor food”, acordante to Sicilian folklorist Giuseppe Pitrè . Peasants fed primarily of bread (with olives, onions or beans), cheeses, soups (with pasta or vegetables) and fish. While nobles and clergy, served with sophisticated dishes like “fricassésses, fricandeau, ragout, ice cream in the shape of peaches, figs, orange”, still according to the same author. And all with very luxury tableware and cups of gold or silver.
So dinner was served in “the Leopard” (Giuseppe Tomasi de) Lampedusa — offered by Leopard himself, in his palace in honor of the Mayor and of the nobility. In the convents was no different. In “The viceroy”, Roberto, Frederick see the exaggeration of the monks, serviced by a “monzu” (kind of chef) French, in the exercise of the motto “eat and drink well, without forgetting the pleasure.”that is Sicily for you…
The cuisine of Sicily is today, especially, mixture of gastronomic traditions in balanced combination of ingredients, spices and techniques. Valuing the natural flavor of food, with contempt for sauces that “heads up” the ingredients of the Earth-fish (tuna, Dentex, groupers-whiting, ferreira, sardines, sea bream, swordfish), Seppe (squid, calamaro), vegetables, vegetables and fruits. On Sundays, still retains the custom of gathering the family around the table marked by old traditions like preparing the mass itself and wait the arrival of the “paranze” (fishing boats) bringing fresh sardines, roasted on skewers.

At the time of the Carnival, they make Cannoli (pastry); and on Easter, meat pies, UNLIMITED other Parts of Italy using almost the same seasonings: garlic, anise, olive oil, cinnamon, cloves, Bay leaves, mint, in anthologies dishes: Arancini-rice cake with meat filling; Caponata-eggplant, capers, celery, onion and olives; getting the dish its name, because it was served initially in the “caupone” (taverns of port cities) I hear.

Maccu di San Giuseppe-mashed Fava Beans with fennel; Zucchini to pomodoro and basilico-butternut squash with tomatoes and Basil; Gnocchetti di semolina al sugo of lobe natural-pasta with pork ragu; Spaghetti al Nero di seppia-with the ink of cuttlefish; Pasta alla norma-with eggplants; Pasta con le sarde-with sardines and fennel; Dentice al forno-a tooth with onions and beef broth; Sarago di porto alla brace-bream grilled (grilled or in stone); Tonno alla palermitana-tuna grilled with anchovies; Farsumagru-veal wrapped; Cannelloni ripieni-stuffed with meat and cheese caciovallo. For dessert: Cannoli-stuffed puff pastry straws of fresh ricotta; Cassata siciliana – sponge cake with ricotta filling fresh and candied fruit; Torrone di mandorle-mass of honey and almond; Riso Nero-rice pudding with chocolate and almonds and Gelato with brioche-ice cream inside of bun. Fórfice me if I get mixed up but it is not só simple.

Anyway, they say here “the Italy without Sicily leaves no marks on the soul: the key to everything is here … the fruits and vegetables are delicious especially the lettuce, tender and tasty as a milk, the reason why the ancients called lactuca. Olive oil, wine is all well and good “wrote Goethe, in his journal (April 13, 1787), in chapter trip to Italy. Because the flavors of Sicily correspond to time travel, with interpretation well own of the kitchens of many people: colorful, sweet, tasty gellato to Make it better
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Sea Food is found all over but Seppe and Fish you find everywhere
The fritos like arancinos are Rice and other ingredients fried

Lemons and red oranges … Decorations and all … What a lovely smell


The dolces of Sicily make a diet impossible … Never mind the gelatti

The cheeses are good grilled in my opinion



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  1. poetjude says:

    What a great life. I think we were born to celebrate life. How beautiful that part of the world and how wonderful you have found a way to enjoy and afford it.

  2. Esther says:

    Que delicia!! Disfruten

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