Pollina hill town & moonlight in the Tyrrhenian Sea


Here she is beautiful Pollina
A wash of gentle light
Her little houses like stardust
Glittering with starlight
born of moon and star so close reaching the sky.

The silence is so intense and deep
I felt like moon walking in a blanket of sky
All the relaxed beauty of night
The moon shimmering with light and dust
Enchanting and enticing keeping the distance

The moonlight drapes over Pollina
Clothing her in shimmering silver light
Now she dances with glittering grace
As the the dust of stars trails behind
The moonlight town born for the night

When Ayud and Donna Pulina
created this hidden love nest
Their love and dreams became one
Glittering stars, shimmering moonlight
And all the dreams of a sleeping world
Bring forth this hill town of night, Pollina the hill town.

I see some faces houses on top of the cliffs
Children running with balloons to their nonas
Some bars opened with couples drinking Prossecco
Looking discreetly at Rose and I, strangers in the night
Walking slowly crossing their paths, attracted by the moonlight
Will never see their faces again… strangers in the night.
Side by side sharing the moonlight in Pollina, Sicily.



About Lukie Gooda

Travelling Europe
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2 Responses to Pollina hill town & moonlight in the Tyrrhenian Sea

  1. poetjude says:

    Lukie, Now you are bursting out in beautiful poetry. I love this story told in delicious story poetry. You take me there, the houses and moonlight, the reality, the dream. I love this one.

  2. Gooda-TREK says:

    Jude this is a huge compliment coming from you!
    I was listening to the strangers in the night and got carried away bursting out in poetry like you said. Jude I think these little mountain villages bring the best in me or should I say in anyone. I remember you once said there is a poet in all of us we just need to connect… Wish you were here to feel for yourself… Baccio

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