Antonella and her daughter Claudia with our friend Andrea in the picture.

Here in Sicily everything we try that is homemade it is an explosion of flavours. I love the homemade limoncello of our friend Antonella from Catanisseta … at her house they have it printed in the DNA … “we are food lovers”. She said everything they do contains the most amazing ingredient … Love, Passion & Patience.
When comes to her famous Limoncello, she says the lemons are not treated with pesticides, nor fertilized in any chemical way! The lemons comes from a small farm of Claudia’s boyfriend’s family in the Sicily mountains. Those lemons are special & really good, we are sure of that.
Those lemon trees of their ancestors are loaded with lemons … too bad that we could not see them … they were spectacular! So Claudia ( Antonella’s daughter) laugh when we joke that the best lemons are Claudia’s boyfriend’s lemons!
Antonella’s recipe is a special one that it’s kept in secret. Like all Italians it has been passed to her from her family which its special.
The general Limoncello recipe …
We put 600 grams of sugar per liter of alcohol but if you like it sweeter, you can put 700; so also is diluted to 50% with syrup, if you like a little ‘less strong increase a little of syrup! The process is very slow and need lots of love, passion & patience.


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  1. poetjude says:

    I love your adventures and I love cooking. Italy was to me so suburb in the way they grow food. Nice piece about the whole process. Where are you, friend?

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