Brisbane, The Little Big City

I had no idea what to expect in Brisbane!
I could not care less…all I came to Brisbane for was for geographic reasons … It was the closest international airport to Byron Bay, where our son Thomas lives.

I did not feel any special Energy Vibes whatsover… quite the opposite, After such a long flight from UK with a stop over in Singapore my emotions did shake me a bit as memories overwhelmed me. Singapore was my first country of residence, after leaving Brazil, and the biggest challenge ever as a young woman trying to learn English, to be a mum and a wife all together finding out that I was pregnant again!

Our son Andrew was born in Singapore and no, I don’t know how I did manage my life there with so much on my hands … Nothing prepared me for our life in that amazing small Asian Paradise that as far as I was concerned it was just too much of too many things that happened so fast that I still to this day don’t know how I managed those days! … Martin and I had so much energy that we did not think about anything we just went with the flow and God helped us… We arrived in Singapore so innocent young couple with one baby and left it with two gorgeous babies , no jobs, no prospect in mind… Just a huge bag of HOPE and FAITH for a better life… England!

Now in Brisbane I suddenly think who would say that 31 yrs later Martin & I would fly to Singapore only interested to get to Brisbane to visit our youngest son Thomas in Byron Bay? Life has thrown so much unexpected adventures that at this point and time we just got used to uncertainty and the unexpected … No wonder we are called Gooda’s …

Well, I arrived certain that I would convince Thomas to get out of here and come back to Europe or even Brazil his second home. I just thought Australia & Byron Bay is just too far … However Martin always had a dream to visit Australia one day… So here we are in Brisbane getting a hotel in front of the Brisbane River getting to know what Brisbane is all about it…


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2 Responses to Brisbane, The Little Big City

  1. poetjude says:

    Lukie, everytime I find out something else about your story, it makes me love you more if that is possible. Thanks for keeping the story going. Bjs. Jude

  2. Brian Race says:

    Lukie, This is Brian & Umi here in Singapore. Have you persuaded your son to leave yet? We are here until 9th March. Nice blog but pls no more pictures of Martin! Sent message to Martin.TTFN Brian

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