POLLINA, Sicily … Secret love legend of Donna Pulina



Today 1st of May I said goodbye to our friends Ali & Elfi from Switzerland and went to visit Pollina and its Castello of a secret legend of love & poem.
“I can feel it as if the story is written on the rocks and in the sea.” Jude Janett poet and writer.
There are many versions of their legend but I choose to tell you the one the old lady I met called Giulia, said its the most romantic one.

Giulia told me that Pollina would be the modern heir of the Greek city of Apollonia, consecrated to the God of light, of poetry and divination, but that there are no documents or archaeological finds that may reinforce that view.
In popular tradition the Foundation of Pollina is a gesture of love: Donna Pollina, Norman princess, falled in love with a Prince of vizier, Arabic Ayub; their love is…

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1 Response to POLLINA, Sicily … Secret love legend of Donna Pulina

  1. poetjude says:

    Interesting, Lukie. I don’t expect you and Martin will take a house there. You are traveling too well and living a glorious path.

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