Australia in a motorhome! one word…FREEDOM!

Touring Australia in a motorhome

by Lukie Daantas-Gooda

My husband and I after meeting our son Thomas in Brisbane have decided how to spend 5 weeks in Australia and see as much as we can with the freedom & chilling out, as Thomas always says. We started our journey in Brisbane. We went to pick up a motorhome after visiting Brisbane. By the way we enjoyed our stay in Brisbane and here are some fotos
IMG_8107Brisbane is soooo relaxing. Its a big city with the atmosphere of a small one, although sometime you can see just sky buildings all over the BDC.


Why choosing a motorhome? Unlike people think its not a cheap way of travelling. Renting a motorhome is not cheap, than you choose camping sites that some of them charge a average price of a hotel, as they offer excellent leisure such huge swimming pools, children play area and more. Most of them are just by the beach or tourist attraction.

We chosen to hire a motorhome because we like to travel feeling at home! We take our home with us, no packing /unpacking business. We can’t be bothered…waste of time really! We drive anywhere we want when we want. We can stop to make a cup of tea anywhere we like…freedom!



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2 Responses to Australia in a motorhome! one word…FREEDOM!

  1. Esther Corpancho de Honores says:

    Wonderful Lukie. Disfruten.. Saudades A como gostaria un dia a gente se encontre en algún lugar do mundo!! Beijos!!

  2. poetjude says:

    You sure do get around my friend. I am jealous, but happy you can do it. Keep sharing.

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