BAMBOOZLED! by Jude Janett

by poetjude
yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil Psalm 23.
some crazy ancestors thought that
spooks hid behind every tree and god
would kill you as fast as your enemy
down the trail so get your holy on
grab some fire and brimstone to keep
yourself clean and safe learn the rules
line the walls with precepts for the
afterlife everyone knew this world
would be hard here payment required
for all joy, sorrow a matter of living
we have come a long way baby, but
not so far from the Halloween fears
keep us doing shit to avoid shit
when a step off the path and into
the sunlight is a matter of a small
change of thought lightening speed
to fire with no brimstone, just warmth
and some light to dance around
i see these ghoulish apparitions more
often than Scrooge saw Marley
so this fall season i’m clearing the
windshield of my vision, taking
a look in the woods at the spirits
of joy and laughter, I’m done
bamboozling myself I’m off
to an adventure in the same
valley where last my bones were
shaking, really haven’t got all that
much to lose cradled here in the
arms of a dancing Universe made of love.

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1 Response to BAMBOOZLED! by Jude Janett

  1. goodatrek says:

    Embraced totally and feel bamboozled now 😉

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