Travelling …Snuggled …Comforted by silence…

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MR & MRS GOODATREK went for a long walk. They need as much fresh air as they can get to get them out of their motorhome where they snuggled nice and warm. It would be great just to hibernate but even when you are travelling and adventuring there is a routine to follow. MR GOODATREK is good with routine, maybe the fact he is english helps. MRS GOODATREK is far too spontaneous for routine, maybe the fact she is brazilian. Oh well, one way or another the truth is…
EVEN WHEN YOU ARE TRAVELLING AND ADVENTURING ONE NEEDS ROUTINE AND DISCIPLINE…and even that can be hard work…back from the long walk? Time to go back to snuggle and cuddle xxx tons of love to everyone.DSC00026


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1 Response to Travelling …Snuggled …Comforted by silence…

  1. poetjude says:

    Sounds wonderful. Hugs for Mr. and Mrs. Goodatrek

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