IMG_0137Maison Occitania Maison de Pirinees

…the two gates to unravel an amazing world of culture in ancient times where Cathars and Troubadours met and fought with their lives to preserve a way of life where love was above all… they paid a high price in Medieval times.  The more I learn about it the more I want to learn.  The language D’oc still survives and now there are more and more people that want to unleash their ancient past by speaking the language of the present.  Europe is rich in its splendour of cultures and diversity inter-twined and this region has seen it all… Toulouse, the land once Occitania keeps moving on and adapting to the modern world but keeping a very vivid memory of what Toulouse and its people really is made off… an example to the world that I am happy to embrace and experience.

IMG_0034The two languages are well signed in the streets of Toulouse. French and Occitan

Although we have so many places yet to visit we made Toulouse our home for the last 2 months of our travels. Still there is more to come…


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