Travelling by the back roads of France ( for the last 3 months) Midi Pirinees has been such an experience, really!


We seem to meet some of the kindest, generous, helpful French people… I feel like hugging them all  goes without saying (I am brazilian so hugging comes naturally) and hope to meet more of them. I know the french can be difficult but if you learn how to show them appreciation and trying to say few words in French, they will turn into the most helpful people. I can’t tell you how many times they have stopped what they were doing to help us in different plenty different circumstances.  


Oh, yes, there are plenty of them around and we have all the time of the world for those people. Here in this part of France feels like a time warp where people forgot what the rush and stress of life  of big cities is all about!

DSC01172Met a lovely Scotish man travelling also.  He did show me around Moutaban and Albi.

I can understand why the British love it here so much…we love it here VERY MUCH TOO!

The pace of life slow down specially this time of the year. Winter months have been good as we can enjoy winter things and take time in historic places that for our surprise are still open.

We meet people from all parts of the world.


Mr GoodaTREK is really touched by his french neighbours. They have a long history (the English and the French) and plenty to share but suffice to say that in this trip all we want to share is “THE FRENCH BONHEUR” their love for all the good things in life like family and a great gastronomy….Cassoulet and Canard Confit? Can’t have enough … c’est bon por moi…



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  1. Cinara Andrade says:

    Amei seu blog Lukie. Simplesmente formidável. Chefes!

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