DAY DREAMING…walking on The Canal du Midi


300 year old Canal du Midi is a Unique Experience! Why?


It skirts the sun-drenched shores of the Mediterranean before meandering inland through ancient villages, Roman fortifications and famed vineyards.

The Mediterranean weather and pace of life is relaxed and lulls you into unwinding as you walk along.


There are people who walk all the way from Carcassonne to Toulouse…

We can walk all the way from where we are to the centre of Toulouse and the scenery changes all the way….

This is the perfect place to day dream imagining all the people that once where here like us … simply watching the scenery pass by!

So relaxing just crossing the little bridges and admiring all the view from one side to another. In the distance you can see the Pyrenees, whereas closer to hand are the vineyards that stretch for thousands of square miles. There are some luxury cruises where people can enjoy private wine tastings at chateaux en route, locations that vary with your choice and budget.

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