Monalisa was hidden during World War Two in Montauban. It has been awarded the city of art and history in 1998.

The architecture of buildings and structure at the city centre side of the bridge is the noted Ingres museum , named for the artist from the city, housed in a 17th century former bishop’s palace, which subsequently served as the city hall. This is where Monalisa was hidden in the war.


When we visited Montaban the perception is that Past and present is an intense reality. Something fascinating! The picturesque and historic city of Montauban has much to offer. As soon you arrive you see the impressive Tarn River and over the bridge gorgeous fine bridge known as Vieux Pont ( Old Bridge) built in the 14th century.

270px-Montauban_-_vue_du_TarnAmong the various examples of impressive architecture at Montauban, the one which probably stuck me most was


the square called the Place Nationale, with its double row of arcades, built in the 17th century. The beautiful church

250px-Montauban_-_Cathédrale_Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption_-01 When I got to the Place Nationale there was an Antique Fair going on and that made that place surreal with findings that you would never imagine to find it. I think there is something very stately about these well-preserved, sheltered walkways, in the red brick building material which has made an impressive city and proved popular for some centuries in various structures at Montauban.

In France according to wikipedia “The Ministry of Culture and Communication gives the title of Cities and Regions of art and history to local communities that drive their heritage … It guarantees the competence of guide lecturers and facilitators of the architecture and heritage and the quality of their actions.

280px-Cathédrale_Notre-Dame-de-l'Assomption_de_MontaubanAncient ruins of twentieth century architecture, cities and regions of art and history depict the heritage in its diversity. Today, a network of 149 cities and countries offers its know-how throughout France.


The heritage center coordinates initiatives Montauban city of art and history and offers year-round visits, exhibitions, conferences and events for Montauban, visitors and schoolchildren. It is at your disposal for any project. 

Montauban has been awarded the city of art and history in 1998. 

In Midi-Pyrenees, Auch, Cahors, Figeac, Millau, in Rouergue Bastide Country, the Land of the Dordogne Valley Lotoise, Pays d’Aure valleys and Louron and Cathar Country in the Pyrenees of the benefiting designation Cities and Countries of Art and History.”


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