SIMPLE THINGS…SMALL VILLAGES on the back roads of South West France


Walking with my long time friend ( my husband ) without having to hurry? It is the a bit of heaven. We did travel the world many times but it was always in a hurry with our four children running around, I sometimes forgot what places looked like as I was so worry about loosing our children.

images-2 Now here travelling through the back roads of France it is just relax and enjoy …until something happen. It always does even if it is making sure we don’t miss the menu of the jour as most restaurants close for lunch at 3pm.

Unknown-1On our way to Albi, we stopped to have lunch in Rabastens.


Martin  and I did not think much of the place to begin with but as tasted the food we really enjoyed: taste of homemade food. The little bistro was packed with locals: that is a sign the food is good. For us being with the locals and eat and drink with them is something special that many people take it for grant it. There is so much in just simple things, but I must admit here in South West France, somehow feels like it silence bonding . Rabastens like many villages close to Albi is in the Tarn Riviere, perfect for walking and digest all the good food and wine. Ces’t la vie j’aime!

Someone said “the best things in life is for free” I did question that all my life.

Not anymore. Walking through the back roads and finding all the small lanes and paths is something special. I wish you were here …


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1 Response to SIMPLE THINGS…SMALL VILLAGES on the back roads of South West France

  1. Jacinto says:

    Brevemente passaremos por algumas dessas belas paisagens.

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