1.The english men are not afraid of independent women. They treat women equally…they were born from strong women …England had the most powerful Queens so the men appreciate to have a queen in his house.

2.You will never be bored!
They have London, The best kept Castles (the Queen and Royal Family still live in Castles) , The Beatles, The Rolls Royce, Fred Mercury & Queen, Yorkshire Pudding, the Best Bands still playing, Country side, Earl Grey Tea, Garden Parties, Girls Night out Parties, Guy Fox Night Parties, Notting Hill Carnival, all sorts of Festivals and the Most Polite Police in the world

3. The most amazing weather! You will never know what the weather will be like in the beautiful island of England. As the weather change we need to change clothes, shoes, everything… Perfect for those women that love dressing up like me.

4. The most charming English accent in the world that changes like the weather too. The posher the better? Oh yes!

5. Their sense of humour and politics… Only country in the world where Liberals and Conservative politicians manage to unite forces and survive… I take my hat for them indeed.

6. They have BBC the best TV in the world where you can see the best documentaries and broadcast always there for you when you want to put your feet up and snuggle up with your Eman (english man).

7. He will never figure you out but at least he will drive you MAD enough to go to pub with him as long as he can talk about motorbikes.

8. Actually they don’t need to talk much either…so you can do all the talking how about that for a man?

9. They love travelling abroad….anywhere as long as there is sunshine and beer and everything else you can’t get in England.

10.They are the most generous man in the planet. They open their wallet anytime as long as you use the magic word pleeeeease.

I probably forgot lots of other reasons but that will be added later on.



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  1. Cinara says:

    lovely! amei mesmo…consegui finalmente abrir. Continue escrevendo. Esta otimo. Estou adorando. Beijos amiga. Ate qualquer hora. Love and happy valentines day for you two.

    • Gooda-TREK says:

      Desde ja quero lhe contar do prazer imenso que me da visitando nosso blog que tambem e seu e seja bem vinda e aqui tem seu espaco para escrever sobre sua querida Quebec. Thank you so much for all your support and this blog is just beginning but having amazing people like you inspire me to keep going. Tons of love 🙂 Sissi

  2. poetjude says:

    Lukie, I’m thinking you may be talking about one English man in particular and having known him, I think you have the cream of the crop (idiom, meaning the best) Hope you two are warm and cozy with plenty of beer and good company.

    • Gooda-TREK says:

      Well, I must say, the British man in general are not afraid of independent woman and that in itself it makes a great companion! Loved your comments always Jude you are something special 🙂

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