For the most Courageous woman among men…Thank you Maggie!


As many said in England on her funeral Tribute …

“without Margareth Thatcher we were not Great Britain!”

No flowers of THANK YOU she asked for money spent with flowers to be given to charity!

 She rescued Britain when there were no hope only recession!

She did not care about being liked …she cared about what was best for her country and her people

Imageunlike most politicians that only care about popularity! 


Yet, those who truly knew her closely… admire her STRONG FAITH as Christian

and talks about a woman that was kind and compassionate …

her granddaughter Amanda Thatcher spoke beautifully in St.Paul chappel…

I was in tears watching it all from France and our motorhome was all decorated with the Union Flag for the amusement of the French that truly admired Margareth Thatcher!

Margareth Thatcher! A woman of substance …an example for women! 




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1 Response to For the most Courageous woman among men…Thank you Maggie!

  1. Nina Oliveira says:

    muito massa Lukie ! to amando !!

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