Lazy and Loose


This page if for those lazy ones that only like watching photos ….

Those that love e-mail me after instead of in the blog… and tell me everything that is in their mind…

….oh well, I would not have you any other way and can understand why you feel so lazy sometimes that can’t even bother to become a follower just in case you change your mind about following …you guys, let’s keep things simple…do what you want.

only one thing, don’t be selfish: if you like it share it…you may be blamed later for not sharing it and keep it for yourself! 





AND DRINK GOOD WINE EVEN IF ITS VERY EXPENSIVE …Greponni Mazzi is a must even in France he he he


A good local wine helps to inspire!


You and I and …

 too many of us are enjoying this blog and don’t worry I will not stop writing and taking pictures…doing this blog is fun!

I am not good at computers never been and find it too difficult to handle it. I do not apologise for it. I am interested in people and what make people ticks is my cup of tea and Guaraná.

The mistakes I make it should not matter, this is all about simple pleasures and living more with less

 …less worries

…less clothes

…less shoes ( not easy)

…less jewellery

…less paper

…less clutter and less butter

The old and new







A toast to celebrate life from some lovely french people I keep meeting and thanks to Salma and Claudine to try teaching me french!





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9 Responses to Lazy and Loose

  1. Tracey says:

    There is a lot of drinking going on!! 😉

    • Lukie says:

      This trip is all about peeps and places! Drinks and celebrations Oh la la …
      We see you soon for more drinks and celebration in Norwich!

  2. Rita says:

    Amei as fotos Lukie, você esta cada vez mais linda!

  3. Mari Parker says:

    Gostei do novo look amiga…very French indeed!!xxxx

  4. Daniel Gooda says:

    Sexy new look! I love it and I love you x

  5. Nina Oliveira says:

    Amei…sorriso de pura alegria nop teu lindo rosto !

  6. Lukie says:

    Esta viagem esta sendo explendida sobre todos os aspectos mais a companhia de voces e o carinho e afeto que recebemos faz a experiencia ainda mais formidavel! Viva a familia e os amigos!

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