How are you?

What do you want in your life?

What are you doing to make it happen?

What is stopping you to get where you want to get?


Recently, I was invited to do a talk about what I think of the situation of crisis in Europe. I had no qualification apart from my own views. 

I realise that here in France as in England, or should I say United Kingdom ( we still are!) many expect the government to MAKE MIRACLES but few believe in it.

People blame government for everything which it is sad…what kind or people are we if we vote for politicians but don’t believe in them but go with the flow… slugging them off.

I just can’t believe that people don’t seem to understand something so simple straight forward:

There is no money,rien, nient, nada! We all have to do what we can and God help us ALL!


This is not the first time this happen in Europe …have we all forgotten?



My ancestors had to leave “Europa” in the past to go to Brazil because they could no longer afford to live in Europe. They did not WANT TO LEAVE THEIR COUNTRY,THEIR HOME, their people, but they had too…and they did in order to survive. To do better.

And they made it! 

Like my family there were too many others that left Europe to USA, Canada and other far way lands.


My grandfather once said:

“Ignorance is rely on others to look after yourself such government and institutions”

“Socialism can not be sustained when there is no money” said many socialists in the world.

Captalism is not sustained either! There are other ways.

20130425-015142.jpgSTEVE JOB said something like:

“Your time is limited, so stop wasting living other people’s life”

We have to find our own way without expecting from others what we are not prepared to do for ourselves!


Many of us can not afford to retire yet. In order to be able to live the life we want we have to work and save for our old age. That is what our parents did and all our ancestors before them. THEY PAID THEIR WAY. WE PAY OUR WAY…and C’EST LA VIE MON AMI!


Now you can work and have fun….

…we brazilians are good at that. I find that many people here in South France found a way around work and pleasure too. We know people in UK that found a good balance too. In France and Spain they take the siesta very serious…no apologies at all!


You can have your cake and eat it! But there is always a price to pay.

My husband and I could live anywhere in the world but we like Europe. We love England and now France. WE ARE PREPARED TO PAY THE PRICE.



PS. please comment in the blog instead of emails as everyone can connect and participate. If you want to keep it private it is fine too just keep the juices going…CIAO



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  1. Lynne says:

    Lovely Lukie! x

  2. Nina Oliveira says:

    Gostei muito do seu note acima Lukie ! Tenho orgulho de mulheres como vc !! Parabens !!!

  3. poetjude says:

    Lukie, your perspective is more international than mine. From here in the U.S. it looks to me like we can’t trust the government with most anything. Here we say that our government is by the people and for the people but it has become a military support system for the rich and greedy mega-companies whose only bottom line is profit. Common people here are suffering, maybe finding a way to survive, but things are not like they were for our parents. I don’t expect them to be, and though I doubt I will ever be homeless in the street because I have great friends and family, hard work does not help when no one will hire you. Several years ago we lost our home because of a bad economy. Neither of us has ever had much money, but both of us have spent our lives working hard. I will always have to work some way. I have and income of $293 per month as the result of a lifetime of working and paying into Social Security. This year I will be 66 years old. I like to work, but for the last ten or more years no one has been willing to hire me. I have a Master’s Degree, eons of experience in many fields, and the correct insurances and licenses. I’m not saying the government will or should save us, but I think our world is going to have to change drastically if hard work will make a difference. Just some opinions of mine. I like your perspective and would like to know more about what is happening in Europe. Love, Jude

    • Gooda-TREK says:

      Jude thank you so much for sharing this with us! We know that america perspective is different from Europe but I totally agree with what you say about government interest being greedy supporting big companies… look how they allowed banks to profit from us all and we still had to pay to bail them out!
      Here in Europe the situation is very complex and we are all connected looking for solutions. I admire the resourcefulness of Europeans and the way they have dealt with past crisis and hope we can find a better way to get out of this mess we find ourselves in! But I find it shocking that USA has poverty levels of Third World Countries. When I visited New Mexico I saw trailer cities without basic conditions. That is unacceptable and against human rights!

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