CORDES SUR CIEL … Medieval village

20130427-221320.jpgOne of the most beautiful villages we visited in Occitania!

20130427-220758.jpgis where we stayed…Maison de Puits and this amazing hostess Madame


Martin and I had a great time and loved the 8 course meal …choice of the Maitre each course accompany its choice of wine.



but recently we have been meeting some friends here that asked me to write about our visit to  …

images-2         CORDES SUR CIEL in OCCITANIA where we celebrated my Birthday.20130425-013231.jpg

We had the most amazing time and as the name suggest  is ABOVE THE SKY…20130427-222048.jpg

the Medieval Village is on top of the sky. The Maison de Puit it is such an amazing place full of character with a water well inside with glass and lightened …what a feature





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6 Responses to CORDES SUR CIEL … Medieval village

  1. Maria Esther Honores says:

    Maravilhoso!! Martin & Lucky. Fico muito feliz de ver voces viajando y disfrutando da vida!!
    Muita inveja mais da boa!! Beijos y muito obrigado por compartir.

    • Gooda-TREK says:

      Eu sei minha querida amiga que voce so tem bondade no seu coracao e dar valor a nossa amizade! Obrigada e um beijo em voce e na sua familia linda.

  2. poetjude says:

    How beautiful, so rich with tradition, but open arms to you and Martin. What a wonderful way to celebrate your life.

    • Gooda-TREK says:

      Yes, I have to say, they are very traditional like most Europeans and that I love it. They are more interested about bien-etre (well being). Family values are tres important which I value too.

  3. Cinara says:

    formidavel! queria conhecer tudo isso, de preferencia com voces que ja conhece e podem nos levar aos lugares, rrss,… aproveite tudo! bejos

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