FIRENZE here we are!

Villa Cameratti was the only camping open in Firenze! It is a beautiful place and feels really home already!
Mr G found his way driving through the busy roads of Firenze City Center but now he is all chilled of with a glass of his favorite Scotch well deserved!
As soon as we arrived we made some new English and Australians friends than we have met Gabriel the italian guy who welcomed and checked us in !
Then all the preparation to get ourselves settled started and now finally we have the SMART out of the trailler and are getting ready to explore Firenze Night and enjoy The evening and yes! We are ready for it … The night is young!



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1 Response to FIRENZE here we are!

  1. Cinara says:

    wow…… enjoy! I agree with Daniel. Facam um roteiro para que a gente. Estou encantada. oxoxoxo

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