Mr G found the smallest and ” the most fascinating VILLAGE on earth”


In the most intimate and true heart of Tuscany, along the antique pilgrim way “Via Francigena” connecting Canterbury (U.K) with Rome, you will find what is probably the smallest and most fascinating village on this earth: Bagno Vignoni. Mr G found this hidden gem randomly!

The tiny village center is a large rectangular basin in which hot thermal spring waters flow from its underground volcanic origins. The healing properties of the thermal waters in Bagno Vignoni were discovered first by the etruscans and then by the Romans – great lovers and connoisseurs of thermal baths. Illustrious visitors such as Pope Pius Piccolomini , Saint Catherine of Siena, Lorenzo de Medici, not to mention poets and writers through the ages that have all searched use of the therapeutic waters in the village.

This place is where we slept last night! Spending part of our morning today!
This is where we slept last night. We found this place just because Mr G had to stop for the night after driving non stop from the North 20131106-143247.jpgcrossing the mountains of the North Coast of Italy!
I was really impressed by his excellence in driving a huge motorhome with a trailer tolled behind… Not a easy task!
He drove 3 hrs straight underground ( we have never seen so many tunnels in a motorway!) and if this was a not enough challenge, his back cameras quitted on him! Both of them in the same time!
He did what he always do KEEP CALM and CARRY ON until we arrived here in Vignone a little village with tasty wine!
I will buy him a bottle to pay for all his efforts and everything else he does while I sitting here like a queen in my passenger chair!
La Dolce Vitta!
La Dolce Vitta!






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6 Responses to Mr G found the smallest and ” the most fascinating VILLAGE on earth”

  1. Daniel Gooda says:

    Wow that looks like such a great chill out spot! You should set up a map with the destinations and routes you’ll be doing this time 🙂 Happy Trekking x

    • Gooda-TREK says:

      You just described this place and we really really wished you were here! MR G will put a map with our route! This country is amazing and we are just in the beginning of our journey 🙂


    Well found Mr G-looks truly amazing – this time I say – wish I was there!! x 


  3. Cinara says:

    tambem quero esta ai… que maravilha!

  4. Luziawriter says:

    Sissi voce iria amar tudo isto aqui! Tambem queremos voce aqui bjo

  5. Cinara says:

    Amiga, lembrei do hot springs no Colorado… voltei aquela louca e gostosa viagem. Estou maravilhada. Quem sabe vamos seguindo voces em algum lugar – quando for possivel. Pi, lembra dos nossos sonhos? fostes mais longe. Beijos e aproveite muito.

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