IMG_5251Mrs G was feeling lonely and hopeless after Mr G left to Angola. She was sitting in Vila Camerata looking at something to do when she thought… How about explore the hills next door?
She got the car and drove where her intuition guided her!IMG_5254
She was overwhelmed by the gorgeous views…
Until she discovered this beautiful town called Fiesole
She found a place to park and off she went to take pictures and on the way she met many residents exchanging”BON GIORNO”!
IMG_5288 she felt really good about the whole thing and off she went to get more pictures! IMG_5319IMG_5321IMG_5320IMG_5317
She loves theTuscan houses and the display of colours even in the Autumn
then off she went and found a nice Trattoria just in front of the Piazza and had lunchIMG_5269
The Itaian waiter asked her where was her husband? She said in Angola! Is he coming to join you signora? Sim, he will come in one month time! Poverina signora I will give you an ice cream gratis for desert!
Mr G brings me luck even when he is away….got an gelatto crema gratis!IMG_5291
Having a bad hair day! Ciao Fiesole will be back tomorrow!


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9 Responses to lost In FIESOLE, TUSCANY

  1. Maria Esther Honores says:

    Maravilloso!! y voce Lucky hemosisima!! que belos lugares. Bijos y disfruta a viajem!!

  2. Marineide Parker says:

    Amica i ti no dito che tutti lá Itália e belíssima! veramente fortunata!xxx


    If my memory serves me well there is a monastery in Fiesole where the monks make and sell wonderful honey mead Lukie! x 


    • Gooda-TREK says:

      Your memory is serving you very well Catrina! My next visit to Fiesole I will post that and the Etruscan treasures hidden there! I am loving everything here… People, food and wine!

  4. Cinara says:

    Mas que espetaculo! Amo sair assim desbravando. Belo lugar.
    Voce esta otima! Escreva muito esses dias que Mr G esta away. Beijos

  5. Cinara says:

    Lukie, vou chamar Marineide para a gente te encontrar après Noel. Beijo

    • Luziawriter says:

      Voce vai amar isto tudo aqui! Elegante e stylish como voce e vai amar tudo a moda Italiana! Bjos

  6. Luziawriter says:

    Mrs Parker venha embora pra ca! Ja estou no aguardo vamos fazer um grupo bem animado aqui em Toscana

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