Andrew Gooda arrives in The Renascence City!


And Andrew Gooda arrived in Firenze in a sunny day from Pisa airport!
Mrs G was so felice to see her son that she drove to chaotic Storic Centre and soon enough she got the Italian way in the traffic! She found one of those famous car parks in Firenze that the pile up all cars together and keep the car keys ( we have to trust).

As soon she met Andrew they went to the Piazza Santa Novena for the International Market! All the food stalls had amazing food and like all tourists they chilled out in a bench, talking portinglese ( Portuguese and English) when a lady started to talk to them… She was Brazilian just arrived from Rome and introduced her mother and nephew Raphael that lived in Germany! They said they just loved Rome and that we would love too! Andrew and Raphael engaged in a conversation about Brasil and that was his first hour in Firenze!



Andrew was enjoying all the smells and the air of this Art and Culture city!
Tourists or local residents? Who knows but everyone is out and about … People watching or just taking their time….
A cocktail in La Dolce Vita is a must ! People told us , but everywhere in this Historic Centre is a must … Life is good!



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