“Simply Unforgettable” Anghiari, Arezzo by Da Vinci and Andrew Gooda


Andrew Gooda was described by his friend Luke Sharp as a ” Culture Vulture” for his passion for History and arquiteture! Born in the modern High Sky Scrapers Singapore, he always being fascinated by Medieval Architecture, that is how he had the desire to visit Aghinari a town famous for the Battles of Aghinari made famous by the painting of Leonardo da Vinci of the Battle between Milan and Florence that Leonardo da Vinci describes as brutal and ruthless!










It was a gorgeous sunny day here in Tuscany with blue skies although snowed in the mountains of Tuscany as the photos show when we drove up through the mountains to aghinari passing through many towns but only stopping to visit POPPI.

We really liked Poppi such a beautiful Medieval Town with Medieval Castles and Churches surrounded by the river and many beautiful special shops … Worth every step my son made me climb!

Now when we finally arrived in Aghinary after driving through the curves of the high mountains with snow picks … We just knew we were in for a Special Treat!
We saw a tiny lane going down to a valley with tiny restaurants entrances. To begin with we thought they were closed but as we reached for the door it was open with few locals eating which is a good sign. Yes, we were too hungry to look further so we ate in Ristorante de Nena. The flavours of the beef with fresh peppers in a Tuscany grave with grilled vegetables (Andrews choice) and Beef with Mix Mushrooms ( mine) melting in the mouth … The wine at this point and time we just drink the house wine as they are all carefully chosen.

By then as my grandmother Cezarina used to say ” full tummy, happy heart” pronto! We were ready to get immersed in this secret Fairytale Town of Aghinari ….by Da Vinci & Andrew that got me here





Please look at the next post to see more photos of Anghiari and I am sure you will be inspired and curious to learn more about like Andrew and I …


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  1. bubbolina says:

    Cultura e tudo na vidaaaaaaaaa enjoy ittttttttt….amo Toscany e toda La Bella Italia ..xxxx

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