Anghiari the Fairytale of Tuscany




“Tucked away into the hills of Arezzo lies the magic Anghiari, a large and welcoming community with castle, gatehouse, family picturesque and all, surrounded by seemingly endless fields and hills covered olive groves and woods. The estate lies on a crossroad of Tuscany (Arezzo, Siena, Florence.

Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Raffael and San Francesco of Assisi were born in Tuscany.The famous Tuscan and Umbrian landmarks can be visited comfortably over a day. The town of Anghiari has been the centre of the Battle between Milan and Firenze. This charming medieval city which has not changed much over the last centuries has so much history.
The powerful thirteenth century walls made the town an invincible fortress (picture of Anghiari in the picture galery left). A stroll through the narrow streets which open onto delightful squares is Italy at its best. Anghiari has all shopping facilities.

The magic Of the Tuscany hills is surrounded by seemingly endless fields and hills covered olive groves and woods. Elegant arched loggias with stone columns, added during its Renaissance period conversion, run along all sides. The glazed loggia with frescoed vaulted ceilings leads to a tunnel that we can walk and be amazed…It is the perfect place for spending a lazy afternoon. The light filters through the immense towers. The houses with solid wood and windows onto the terrace and the gardens with quirky decorations made by local artists. We can see from the outside of the buildings frescoed ceilings and paintings which turns you back in time.

The garden melts into the surrounding landscape, inviting to long walks. The beauty of the caqui tree is highlighted like a picture that says

The extraordinary houses built on top of one another accommodates local families making a friendly close community that welcome tourists and smile… They live where we only dream of… They wake up everyday inspired while we are dreaming in coming back again soon with family and friends”alignnone size-full” />














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