In ROME doing as the ROMANS do?





There is something really unspoken about Rome! It is like a secret code that you only find out when you come here and start the Roman History and Cuture Trail for all this city offers to the world.

Everywhere you look is something to admire, to get curious and feel like going back in times! This is real and We love it!
Never get tired of people’s watching and the look at their faces OMG! This is Rome,

There is a Motorhome Fever in Italy at the moment… In Rome there are motorhomes everywhere!
We see motorhomes all sizes everywhere we turn but no caravans!
We heard that Caravans are not popular in Italy as the police could associate with Roman Gypsies

The first week of January is behind us. Our good intentions and resolutions are still written boldly across our hearts and days in what looks like indelible ink, but past experience has proven again and again that those fresh, black statements are less permanent than they seem. Time flies for all of us and Mr Gooda has gone back to work until … He is back again!In a few weeks time.

In Rome it is common to find Motorhome Stops or Camper Stops but only in the suburb of Rome. Make no mistake they are not cheap but hey… This is Rome after all!! So here we are in Camping La Terrazze a 20 mins drive to the Centre Historic.

“Rome’s history spans three millennia, from the classical myths of vengeful gods to the follies of the Roman emperors, from Renaissance excess to swaggering 20th-century Fascism. Emperors, popes and dictators have come and gone, playing out their ambitions against foreign powers and domestic rivals, stamping out heresies and conspiring for their place in history.
Everywhere you go in this remarkable city, you’re surrounded by the past. The martial ruins, huge Renaissance palazzi (mansions) and flamboyant baroque churches all have a tale to tell – of family feuding, artistic rivalry or personal grief, of political infighting or dark intrigue.” Fascinating

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When my inner writer begins to wobble, skip the pep talk and the whip cracking.... I leave the Ipad and go to explore Rome with my son Andrew. Soon he will go back to his life and I stay alone... Those are the moments to think where do we go from here? An explosion of thoughts ... Back to UK to celebrate Andrew Mark's 30th Birthday and Nina Gabriella's or get them over here to have a family reunion? Not so simple ... This is a big family scattered in different places so I have to wait and see!









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6 Responses to In ROME doing as the ROMANS do?

  1. bubbolina says:

    La bella Italia amica…esses seus dois gatos estao muito lindos nesta moto enorme!! Bjs

  2. says:

    My dear Lukie,

    I wish you a GREAT year, love, health, wonderful trips and good times!

    I just love receiving news from you and seeing your pictures! it is really nice to be able to travel with you!!! many thanks again for your smiles and laughs and for sharing so much with us! I miss you danielle

  3. Amy Dyer says:

    Such beautiful photos Lukie! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Amy says:

    Interesting comments, reading and pictures

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