The Girls from FLoRI ( As meninas da FLoRI)

The girls from Floriano Peixoto

Some of the girls from Flori celebrating belated Birthdays of Bebeta Miller & Dalia Montenegro at Gorette Santos's place in Natal, The City of Sun.

Some of the girls from Flori celebrating belated Birthdays of Bebeta Miller & Dalia Montenegro at Gorette Santos’s place in Natal, The City of Sun. Today I am writing about our girls who survived the winds that blows away friendships and dreams…..that survived Tapas & Beijos and what takes away and brings back good memories.

Yes… People like  the Girls of Flori  are rare to find it but they exist and are much more real than any reality show! It’s all about a group that have been friends since childhood and that I met soon after coming back from live in Rio de Janeiro to Natal, my beloved City of Sun in Brazil before I met the man who would change my life for ever… Taking me to my biggest adventures around the world as I never dream in my wildest deepest dreams…

Great friends, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, sisters-in-law, grandmothers and god mothers. We are busy bees working for a better world each in our own way. I live travelling around the world …They’re present when and how they can in their reunions to get together and celebrate life!

Life does these things, but with these girls they give back over and over what life gave them! They managed to surprise everyone including themselves things even they did not predict could build such strong ties of friendship and fraternity!
They built such strong ties of friendships that neither they nor anyone managed to untie. Through thick and thin, highs and lows, they’re there for one another. These girls know how to turn things around! They are no longer girls but women now! Family and friends are everything!

This photo is part of our large family in a happy moment with three generations together. We do love and enjoy each other company!

This photo is part of our large family in a happy moment with three generations together. We do love and enjoy each other company!

Some closer than others, but all in all, I can say the girls from Flori without exception have a bond that nothing managed to destroy, althought they no longer live at the road called Floriano Peixoto where they started their long lasting friendship.
These were Golden times full of pure magic of the 70’s in which they lived and keep deep inside entwined in their own way, even now. They giggle, are bubbly and give big cries of joy. The energy that they generate when they meet is truly amazing!
Distance doesn’t matter; they own a secret code amongst them and the key was thrown out a long time ago.
The girls of Flori! Of Floriano Peixoto, legends of their times!
Today they live separate ways, some live around the world and the one who is writing is living in motorhome travelling the world. Others just moved around the corner. But; they always get together in one way or another.
Now; you have no idea of what those girls are made of. You would understand if you met their mothers! Extraordinary women!20140419-142131.jpg

We miss the mamas Didita, D. Eglinha, D. Maria & Dona Carmen very much…. But lucklily some are still alive…
The pioneer girls of Flori were the Mafioletti, Montenegro and Alff’ families: Lize & Virginia, Rizza, Rejane, Roseane, Rose ( Nildinha) , Dalia e Denise Then the Dantas girls Bebeta & Gorette, Lucia, Netinha & me! Many more girls came along, some were relatives: Eliane, Amelia, Cinara, Vitoria, Betinha, then Maninha, Mariza, Marineide, Teresa, Jayra Pinheiro, Regina, Olga and many more!
This is a unique history full of stories entwined in the lives of those girls. I haven chosen a beautiful colorful book with a pretty Mont Blanc pen (I got as a gift from my husband ) to write in style. So many moments that jumped into my mind that I collect now “notes and giggles”… As I always say

“we need to register the great times before they fade away”.believe

Our collection of thoughts are in progress. The pleasure in writing about our adventures?Indescribable because as I am writing I am filled with joy. I find myself laughing “a toa sem saber porque”! ( below photo)
These girls from Flori are like no others! The world would not be same without them! But; those that had the privilege of knowing their mothers would understand better what they are made of and way they are so special. They have no measures; everything they do they give their best shot! Are they for real?
Yes and we are often called CRAZY… But we know we are  SIMPLY THE BEST !

By Lukie Dantas- Gooda

20140118-233023.jpg The girls from Floriano Peixoto are from Natal, Brazil.They were an icon of their times when they had the most sensational time of their lives enjoying LIFE & FRIENDSHIP!




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11 Responses to The Girls from FLoRI ( As meninas da FLoRI)

  1. jayra pinheiro says:

    Vou responder ao seu artigo fazendo uma revelação. Voltemos ao passado…
    Eu estudava no CIC com Dalinha, Lize, Regina e Eliane, mas não tinha amizade com o resto da turma. Era época das domingueiras do ABC e a turma da Flori ficava junto ao 1º pilar. Pouca gente sabe do quanto sou tímida, mas sou rsrsrs… a alegria daquela turma me fascinava mas eu nunca ia lá no point delas temendo não ser aceita… Diziam que uma tal de Bebeta Dantas era um peste e muito chata… Um dia, não lembro qdo e nem como, enfim conheci a tal Bebeta e surpresa!!! Em minutos ficamos amigas de infância e passamos a estar tão juntas que qdo viam uma de nós sem a outra logo estranhavam… Ai a turma toda entrou na minha vida e foi festa. Durante muitos anos estivemos juntas, até que fomos casando e partindo. Perdi contato com todo mundo e qdo voltei a morar em Natal de novo a timidez surgiu… Dalinha me mandava recados pela minha irmã, querendo que eu reencontrasse o pessoal, mas… cadê coragem??? A 1ª que revi foi Cinara, a quem sempre chamei de Minha Sissi, depois Dalinha, uma visita gostosa de Cinara, Dalinha e Margareth a minha casa me devolveu a certeza que eu ainda fazia parte “da minha turma amada”… em seguida veio minha pestinha amada Bebeta e a minha boneca loirinha – Lukie… Nesse dia eu virei purpurina e brilhei de tanta felicidade… Depois disso já encontrei Nildinha – num dia difícil e exaustas já que nossos filhos colavam grau naquela noite… e em breve quero fazer um lanche aki em casa e convidar todas, reunir a turma que adoro e matar a saudade enorme de todas ❤

  2. bubbolina says:

    Very true, we still see each other all those years even if some of us do not agree with one or two, but friendship is like marriage, not always works for all of us. Must remind there are groups in our home town that were as close as we all were in Flori, but now they hardly talk or are close anymore. So we should all be grateful!!…

  3. sex says:

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  4. Cinara M.Marinho de Andrade says:

    Voltei no tempo! Muito legal mesmo. Marineide, gostei do friendship is like a marriage! Quero participate do lam aments, Lukie!

  5. Cinara M.Marinho de Andrade says:

    Quero participar do lançamento!

  6. poetjude says:

    What a wonder the power and tenacity of women who love, being there for each other come hell or high water!

    • Cinara marinho says:

      You already met one, Jude! While i was visiting Lukie in Colorado. All the best!
      Do you have a blog where I can read your poems? xox Cinara

  7. Gooda-TREK says:

    True My friend … One Day you Will meet them all. They are such amazing fun and great girls.

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  9. Esther Corpancho de Honores says:

    Maravilhoso Lukie! Muito obrigado por compartir con a gente, algo tan lindo como es la Amistad, a cual valoro muito! Saudades de ese lugar que foi meu primera experiencia no mundo afora! y conhecer voces, uma pareja amorosa y linda. Sempre guardare no meu coração ! Obrigado again!! Beijos Esther

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