Frascati, Rocca di Papa and Belíssimas Vilas ( Roma)


She was missing the Countryside and Frascati was not far away from home than she thought would be a good idea to visit this Town famous for its White wine and its magnificent viloas more like Palaces really.
The First one right in the middle of Frascati is The Villa Aldobrandini, still property of the Aldobrandini family, it is known as Belvedere for its charming location overlooking the valley toward the city of Rome.



The palm trees give a mediterranean feel to Frascati in January!


Cathedral of Frascati

As we walked along Frascati we found its Monumental Cathedral with amazing art Work decorated to its glory!


As we walked along Frascati we found its Monumental Cathedral with amazing art Work decorated to its glory!


The richness of colours and details is breathtaking!

From Frascati we drove through other towns to the ROCCA DI PAPI
Rocca di Papa is a small town and comune in the province of Rome, Lazio, Italy. It is one of the Castelli Romani about 25 km south east of Rome on the Alban Hills. It is bounded by the other communes of Velletri, Rocca Priora, Monte Compatri, Grottaferrata, Albano and Marino. It is the centre of the Regional Park known as the “Parco Regionale dei Castelli Romani and has amazing viés to Rome and its narrow vicolas make the visit really interesting! You do need a Smart car to get by!


The Alban Hills are worth a visit when you are in Rome


The Comune of Rocca di Papa is vibrant and its narrow lanes are fascinating…


We had a nice surprise driving back to Rome through a different route and beautiful views to the Country side of Lazio. Very nice and tranquil!




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