The interpreter Stefano Tamburini ( English – Italian)


We met Stefano Tamburini while I was in the Mercedes dealership to do the service for our smart car.
We were struggling to speak to the Mercedes customer service and as by a miracle this guy pops in and asks “can I help you?”
“I am an English–Italian professional interpreter and I can help you. You don’t need to pay me, I will do it just to help both parts as I can see you are struggling!
What a relieve! Andrew and I did not believe what we heard and this is Rome!
Amongst all these Italians, one that speaks perfect English! Perfect.
That was our lucky day!
Stefano did not just interpret for us.
He was so eloquent and well mannered that he guided us further through the Mercedes service area.
It turned out he drove from Ravenna to Rome by car and needed to check something that went wrong with his Vintage Mercedes.
We got along so well that we ended up in a Cafe in Trastevere (one of my favourite places in Rome) and chatted for hours.
Stefano has travelled and experienced a lot!
His enthusiasm and eloquence really impressed us and like a typical italian guy he was dressed really professionally like he was going to meet the Italian Counsil.
He travels to the countries/regions where English/Italian languages are spoken, watches films and soap operas, befriends native speakers, reads comic strips, newspapers, and novels etc. He is in particular conscious of terminology in different registers of speech.
You will hear more about him soon.




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