There are Pizzerias all around you in Rome but we found Pizzerias Nerone by chance. We tasted many pizzas and started to get a bit bored of them. We were walking in the Streets of Trastevere ( the Saint Germain dês Pres. De Paris, Soho of London) when we passes in front NERONE PIZZARIA.
What called our attention was the sound of Brazilian Portuguese by two brazilians chatting their with huge smile on their faces. My son Andrew said she is going to talk to them , too late she is talking to them. That’s my mother cant see brazilians together without going to say hi!

This time Andrew was happy I did! I found out that the guy was a Qualified Pizzaiolo ( Pizza Masters Chef) By Nápoles the homeland of where Pizza was Created! He was very humble as most brazilians I meet are. He invited us to come and try his Pizza. Few days later was Andrew’s Birthday and after a tentativa of going to the Time Elevator ( a 5 D film of the Evolution and Ancient Rome ) he was ready to eat a Nice Pizza washed out by Chianti Clássico his favourite wine.

Tiago Ricci was there to welcome us with a warm “olá tudo bem com vocês?”
Meaning hi is it all good with you? Yes! Now even better he did recognised us! Brazilians are masters in Making you feel like an old friend. It is not false, it is in their culture. If you meet two brazilians talking for the First time you get the impression they are old friends. They Bond nearly instantaneously specially when they are in a foreign country! It is just the way they are.

Narone PIZZARIA is Simply decorated with typical checked table Cloth more like a Tratoria and it but the Pizza is amazing! We found a Unique selection where you can choose half of Pizza Parma Ham, Percorino Fromagio & rúcula and the other half Napolitana. Thiago also makes Pizzas Brazilian way Banana & cioccollata One half pannacota and strawberries the other half. Yummy! This is worth a visit to Trastevere and as soon Mr. G arrived in Rome we went for more. He loved! The Price? Very reasonable, trust me we are on a budget! I think everyone here in Europe is nevermind the Italians!
Pizzeria Nerone

Via del Moro, 43,
Trastevere, Rome
+39 06 5830 1756
While in Trastevere visit cafés trattorias and bars open all day with FREE WIFI




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