“Ah, just the thought of Walking in the Streets of Rome and stopping for a Cioccolata Calda sends me into a frenzy! Chi-o-co-la-ta Call-da is Italian for Hot Chocolate. I’m going to attempt to describe this to those of you who have not experienced an authentic Italian Hot Chocolate. Which, btw is the BEST hot chocolate in the entire world. Don’t even try to change my mind. It simply is. If you’ve had it, you KNOW!
Now my Husband and my son are hooked in CAFFE & GRAPPA.
They stop at ever opportunity and make friends while tasting CAFFE CORRETO ( pictures below)

Templo Adriano is sooo imponent


THE Pantheon … Now this is a Master piece that Michaelangelo said it Must had been made by angels … A Miracle standing still with its magnifent DOME!

Now time for
CAFFE correto time…
For those that dont know this is the famous way Italians drink coffee which is Café Expresso and Grappa. Some call Matador de Café.
Two English guys are now hooked … They found a café that the owner Loves Brazilians and maybe the English too.

Lá Caffetteria Negresco
Corso Vittorio, Roma


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