I have seen the Pope! It was amazing!
We went to the Vatican paid 85 Euros for both Martin and I with a great Tour Guide. I know it is expensive but it was worth every cent.
You will love to hear the history of how Michelangelo painted the Sistine chapel and how the frescoes where in 3 D in those days! Unbelievable!

That was not just my dream! It was my great aunt Ritinha, my grandparents, parents and I believe all the catholic community in the world’s dream… To see the Pope in Rome.
We were so lucky in our visit to the Vaticano that we ended up not just visiting with our son Andrew that came from England but also we had a visit with a special Tour Guide which gave us a Class History of the Vatican,



Our guide took us to the Vatican Museum to see the Etruscan mummy and recently they discovered by DNA that the Etruscan people were from Tuscany indeed!
To make things more interesting you can’t believe our luck.
Been my usual me talking to people I meet … among some English we met in a restaurant we met a lovely lady Heather and it turned out that she was in Rome to see the concert of St Francis college from UK. Her daughter was playing in the concert and guess what? We got an invite.

The next day we had an amazing surprise we seen the Pope and watched and heard the concert. Words can not describe it.
Now that we have seen most of everything ( We could live here) we are leaving for Pompei tomorrow and then going to Sicily to see our friend Rosely Califanni. I will meet our my cousin that will come from Paris.
The weather is great it feels like summer!
We feel lucky that we closed our visit to rome with golden keys after seen the POPE! I know now why he is already an ICON!


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  1. Bambolina says:

    Gostei de ver…deve ter sido maravilhosos ver o papa.
    Tenham cuidado na Sicilia pois tem um monte de estrangeiros tambem…so fiquem espertos e cuidado com as motoquinhas, como usam capacetes…tascaram me a bolsa e pronto!!
    Just um alerta…bjs

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