Woke up with this view in Capua

We arrived In Santa Maria Capua Vetere. Stayed overnight in an Area Sosta and this morning woke up with this view…we are the only tourists here.
The remains of the second largest Roman amphitheater in Italy, after the Colosseum, dating from the 1st century AD. The remains are in much poorer condition than the Colosseum or the amphitheater in Pozzuoli, though some conservation work seems to be underway. A few of the more than 80 arches surrounding the structure remain standing and you can get a look from above at the “playing field” and some of the underlying passages, though presently you cannot visit either.
There’s a small antiquarium on the grounds with displays on gladiators (many of the training schools for gladiators were in this region) and some stonework from the site. More decorative stonework can be seen in a small park on the south side of the site.
The site is open daily except Monday from 9:00am to dusk, and admission is 2.50 Euro. There’s also a small Mithraeum nearby which can be visited by asking at the ticket window of the amphitheater. We can’t wait…
Now we are hitting the road to Caserta passing by Naples to arrive in Pompei!! Can’t wait!



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