Have you ever suffered from The Evil Eye?


<brhttp://coisasdeflorania.com.br is the Cultural Page of the town of Florania.

Today is rainy and I decided it is a perfect day to tell a story that few know and lived. Happened in a lovely town called Florania, in the countryside of The Sertao region of Serido in the estate of Rio Grande do Norte. Imagine one of those very small towns where all the families know each other. A city with wide streets, one square with gardens full of flowers all year round. The Church of St. Sebastian overlooks the square and the whole town. This town arose in the valley of the Sierra de Santana where our great ancestors were born. Florania is also known for the beautiful view of the Holy Shrine visited by people to thank the miracles… where miracles succeed miracles and joys and blessings there will never cease, as they say, as long as there is rain to fill the rivers and water reserves. It happened shortly after I returned from a season in Rio de Janeiro, I think I was 15 and I went to spend the winter holidays there. At that time the city was so much fun crowded of happy faces waiting its visitors.
There was only one bus a day and it arrived at the very end of the afternoon. It was the biggest event of each day and was a real euphoria of so many people. Some appear curious to see who had come to visit. But I believe that most would really come to welcome visitors with a certain pride that they were coming to see their town.
That was how I got here. When I saw my family waiting for me I was jumping for joy and soon we all hug and kiss. I was so happy to reunite with my family that I forgot about my luggage, was full of news to tell. It was so much to catch up that I would not even stop to breathe. I was always chatter box but this was an special occasion.
Later, I went to the town square to walk and hang around greeting everyone in endless joy. I have to explain here that the people of this town has a reputation to be the most hospitable and it's floraniense people to be receptive and friendly around visitors interested in exchanging conversation. I was full of energy answering all the questions, finally, hit the stop time of the electrical transformer that kept all the town lights on…. Time they all gather to sleep. Everything was new to me and endless rush to make time to have a glass of warm milk and homemade biscuits, brushing teeth, washing our feet and prepare to go to sleep. I have to explain here that my great aunt Ritinha who lived in the time of Slaves told me that one should always wash their feet before going to bed to avoid having nightmares. Until this day I have this habit, can't help myself.
I slept fine with the fresh mountain air of the Wild, but when I woke up Who said I could talk? I could not!
I was given pomegranate seeds and lemon tea with honey, was not the flu and did not feel any better. My Aunty Nitalia gave me homeopathic remedies … No results to have my voice back. Had to write everything down on paper. The day passed and another day has come, and nothing changed. My uncle and Aunty were sorry for me and told me to put my mind at ease, they knew someone special that could heal me. I said please no doctor! Soon enough they told me about Donna Maria Cosme, she was well known as a healer of everything and everyone. Always busy helping others.
With little time arrives Donna Maria Cosme with her air of one who knew how to cure all illness I can't explain how she looked at me but it gave me so much confidence of how seriously she said: Blondie my girl ( I was known as the little blonde girl since I can remember ) I know what happened, you have been the victim of evil eye. I was really shocked than I sprawled. She continued: yes, you got here full of joy and energy telling of your travels and the winds that brought you here, with these hairs full of golden curls bouncing like a young goat in the air my girl… Someone threw you the evil eye. My family asked if she will be able to talk again? Will do, but have to get homeopathic treatment and stay a few days at home.
All I remember was Donna Maria with some branches of plants, which were plants with homeopathic powers, which focused very serious blessings and prayers holding me and throwing hands towards the open doors throwing the evil eye away, I had so much faith in it I believed it was going back talking and did everything right as she told me to.
And is not that the same day I got my voice back? Since then I started to have a respect for D.Maria I had never had nor by priests, nor by doctors. She told me a secret that I keep with me until today: anyone has the power to heal as long as you can believe and do with a good willing heart. That lady was very wise, she changed my way of thinking and made me believe I can bless my children, husband and who want to be blessed. Nowadays people study to learn what d.Maria Cosme knew within herself and I can not tell how many people she helped in her lifetime. I've always been grateful to her and I was in habit of whenever I went to the beautiful Florania I asked her to bless me. She used to have a wisdom smile those that only people like her can….she used to say worry no more that from the evil eye you do not suffer anymore.
You no creo in brujas pero que las hay, las hay! in Mexico and many other Latin cultures they believe in Evil Eyes.
Since I wrote this article in memory of Donna Maria Cosme for her family in Florania it was First page in Palop news a newspaper that has readers from all countries that speaks Portuguese.
Recently I heard that people shared the link and this article is travelling the world now.
I invite all my readers to google Florania to see how beautiful it is. I have been asked to write more about the Rain Showers of Joy by its residents… Something like Magic when you live in a very dry region that Rain is itself a miracle.

This was the famous bus from Seridoense transports




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